The Original Drinkup

Why use Drinkup?


If you need a versatile hands-free drinking aid which is genuinely, completely hands-free for the user – nothing else works. Over the years this has been the message from many practitioners and end-user clients who have tried other cups, bottles and straws first. An Occupational Therapist pointed out that other tube-fed drinking bottles purport to be 'hands-free', but are not actually hands-free in use. Obviously there is much more to the Drinkup Hands-free Drinking System than a simple bottle and tube. Without the physical support and adjustment afforded by the Drinkup, it wouldn't be hands-free.     


If you need a bed frame/cot side or wheelchair/powerchair mounted hands-free drinking aid, have a look at the Drinkup Travel Lite.


If you don’t need the hands-free aspect, then a much simpler and therefore cheaper tube-fed drinking bottle might work for you instead. The Drinkup Hands-on Bottle is an option.

A selection of our organisation and healthcare provider clients can be seen here




How Drinkup Works


Very simply, once the Drinkup has been positioned, a drink is in place and the flexible arm adjusted to suit, the user bites very gently onto the CamelBak® bite valve, makes a seal with their lips and sucks, as if using a straw. The drink will then rise and flow along the drinking tube. If the user needs to rest, they can relax without the drink returning to the vessel. For further details about the set-up, use and care of the Drinkup, please read the information sheets which can be found here.


Cleaning & Consumables Parts Packs

For basic hygiene and to help reduce the risk of infection, a dedicated Consumables Parts Pack is used with the Drinkup. The consumables include a drinking tube, a location collar and a genuine CamelBak bite valve. At home or places with limited risk of infection, these parts can be washed and reused. In hospitals and locations where infection control can be a greater problem, these parts should be changed frequently and disposed of. To assist cleaning, a drinking tube cleaning brush is available from our
Appointed Stockists. The Drinkup 'hardware' may be hand-washed and is dishwasher safe. For further details about cleaning, please read the Drinkup and Consumables Parts Pack information sheets which can be found here.


The 'Safe-Siphon' Mode


If the user has difficulty coordinating biting, lip seal and sucking actions, has a weak 'suck ability', or is unable to suck at all, the Drinkup System may be set up carefully for use in the 'Safe-Siphon' mode, taking advantage of gravity in a controlled manner. A syringe and a special bite valve adaptor is available which can be used to simulate this initial action, whereby a carer 'primes' the drinking tube ready for the user. Please read the 'Safe-Siphon' Mode information pdf for more detail.

Technical Specification

Assembled dimensions

Base unit height: 280mm
Base unit width: 157mm
Base unit depth: 190mm

Horizontal reach  Approx. 700mm to 750mm (measured from centre of the bottle to tip flexible arm)

Fluid capacity  Using the bottle supplied, 1 Litre (1¾ pints)

Alternative vessels (Take extra caution on stability. Must either be open-topped or have a hole in cap/lid for drinking tube to pass through)

Max height: 210mm
Max base diameter: 92mm


Base unit: Acrylic & corrosion resistant steel.
Base unit non-slip feet: Dycem®
Flexible arm & metal fittings: Stainless Steel, Anodised Aluminium, Nickel plated Brass
Bottle: Tritan copolyester, BPA-free, food safe
Cap: Polypropylene
Drinking tube: Food grade PVC
Bite valve: Silicone rubber - genuine CamelBak®
Tube collar & tube clips: Nylon

Box Contents

Drinkup is supplied partly assembled.
The individual parts and box contents are as follows:
Drinkup base
Flexible arm assembly
Tube clips (x4)
1 Litre bottle & cap
Consumables parts pack – containing drinking tube, tube collar & bite valve*
Quick Start Guide & Additional Information.

*Drinkup products are only supplied with genuine CamelBak® Big Bite™ valves. Beware of identical looking bite valves available elsewhere, which are cheaper but inferior in form and function.