The improved Drinkup Travel Lite Kit - attaches to wheelchairs, powerchairs, round-section tubular bed frames and cot sides.


Allowing completely hands-free, independent hydration whilst on the move, or as a compact alternative to the Original Drinkup Hands-free Drinking System.

Now supplied as standard with the 0.75L Drinkup 'Hands-on' Bottle and a dedicated Drinkup Travel Lite Consumables Parts Pack - which includes a drinking tube, genuine CamelBak Big Bite Valve and a 90 degree elbow tube/valve connector to allow easier and more acurate bite valve positioning.


The Drinkup Travel Lite is also compatible with CamelBak Better Bottles when used with the CamelBak Hands-free Adaptor.

For further details about use, set-up, compatability with your powerchair, bed-frame, fitting etc., please read the product information sheets which can be found

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