The Drinkup 'Hands-on' Bottle

When completely hands-free use is not a requirement, when a person has some use of their hands (at least enough to hold the drinking tube and bite valve up to their mouth) or they are progressing through rehabilitation towards recovery, the Drinkup 'Hands-on' Bottle may be more suitable.

The bottle has a capacity of 0.75L (as supplied with the Drinkup Travel Lite). Based on the very first drinking aid I made for my Grandmother in 1997, the drinking tube passes through a hole in the screw-on lid, and in the same way as the Original Drinkup, a genuine CamelBak bite valve allows safe, controlled drinking.

The Drinkup 'Hands-on' Bottle uses either the Drinkup Consumables Parts Pack or the Drinkup Travel Lite Consumables Part Pack. The difference being, the Drinkup Travel Lite pack includes a 90 degree elbow drinking tube/bite valve connector which allows easier positioning in some situations, but certainly when used in a wheelchair or with the Drinkup Travel Lite.

A selection of our organisation and healthcare provider clients can be seen here