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Why Drinkup?

The Drinkup is the only truly versatile, genuinely and completely hands-free drinking system designed and made specifically for those who have no use of their hands or arms or have more limited mobility. The Drinkup System can be used as a person progresses through rehabilitation or for long-term independent living. Whether in a hospital setting, a care/nursing home or in an individuals' own environment. The title of our granted patent, 'A Hands-free Drinking Aid', means, quoting Ronseal ®, "it does exactly what it says". 'Hands-free' is not just a keyword to capture internet searches or a clever marketing tactic, but the fundamental point of the Drinkup System, which is much more than a drinking bottle and tube. However, if you simply require a tube-fed drinking bottle, we have those too. For a closer look at the Drinkup System, please click on the headings at the top of this page.